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Do you really need an autoresponder?
Well, I guess this really depends on what your website or blog is intended for. If you are in it just for fun and not for sales, then you probably wonít need it. However, if it is intended for selling, then, yes. You might be asking the same questions or saying the same things like I used to :

  • Why do I need an autoresponder?
  • I donít want to email my visitors.

    Well, it didnít take me long to realize how wrong I was coz research shows that it takes an average of 7 times contacting people (kinda like a reminder) before theyíll make a purchase! If you do not remind them and your competitors do, youíll lose that business.

    Now, how in the world are you going to email your visitors who are interested in your products to remind them if you do not have their email address? Aha, thatís where your autoresponder comes into work for you, but not so fast. First, you have to offer your potential customers something too to get them to give you their emails. Nothing comes free in this world, even email addresses. Dangle them a carrot. Offer them something free like an ebook and the only way to get it is by opting in with their names and email addresses. You cannot do this unless you have an autoresponder.

    The autoresponder works by providing and allowing you to have an opt-in section on your webpage or blog. Once someone opts in with their email, the autoresponder will automatically email them with the response you have prepared. Everything is automated so you don't have to go read each email and reply every single one manually.

    So, if you are serious in making money online through affiliate marketing or selling your own products, you do need an autoresponder.

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    Do you really need an autoresponder?

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