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With all the free things available on the net, why would you want to pay for a domain name and hosting to blog or for your website?

Free blogsites or websites are good if you are not into blogging or writing for business purposes or making money online. Free things do come with a price. The blog site provider might one day decide to stop providing this service and close it down. This recently happened to me. Geocities which used to provide websites for free was bought over by yahoo. For a very long time, they provided this service free of charge. I had three free websites with pretty good traffic there. Unfortunately, they decided to close down this free service. Ample notice was given so that we could get our own domain name and hosting. However, this came with a price. Loss of traffic was the main problem. My consolation was that I already had my existing own domain and hosting and therefore could redirect some of the traffic to my own domain.

It might also block your site or take it down for some reasons. What then? Your site disappears into oblivion, never to be found again. Doesnít sound good eh? For those who are running a business, it would be total disaster.

Another reason is, you donít have total control on the customization of your blogsite/website. Itís free, so donít complain. Flexibility is important when you need to control how you want your site to look like and what you want put into it.

There are many hosting providers out there. However, finding the right one is crucial. Make sure your hosting provider is reliable. The downtime should there be any must be minimal. Check to see what kind of services you require. Check out their support system should you need run into trouble and need assistance. Do not always go for the cheapest available as they might not be the best.

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