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A guide to help you SEO your website

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(by Maggie LLI)
I have the experience of getting a website to rank on the first page of a google search. Make a search for either snails, frogs, ducks or farm animals and you will see my educational website making the top ten ranking of google search out of the millions of websites out there.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization seems to be the buzz word these days in internet marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short, all about?

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and the others have a way of ranking websites. For example, if you are ranked number one for a search for “Tips on how to lose weight”, your website will be listed at the top of the first page when someone types in a search for that.

Why SEO your site?

Now, it is definitely a good thing to be on the first page as people will get to see your website first and probably click on it first, thereby attracting lots of traffic to your site. Imagine your site being listed on page 46, that would surely be a disaster. Think about it, how many times have you made a search and went further than a few pages? So, it is pretty clear that if you are not in the first few pages, the chances of anyone visiting your website is pretty slim. No traffic = no customers = no sale! In short, SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your site.

To be listed on the first page is no accidental matter. It takes hard work to get the search engines to rank and place you on the first page of their listing. The work involved is SEO. You have to convince the robots that your website deserves to be at the top when they crawl your site.

How to SEO your website?

You have three options :

  • to get some professional to do it for you and pay big bucks for it
  • save that money and do it yourself
  • get a software to help you do it like SEO Elite Software

    How do I it (SEO) myself?

    Nothing come easy but if you want to do it right, you will have to invest quite a bit of time in reading first. You might have to spend a little money to get the right materials to read. Reading is important as knowledge is power to get your site search engine optimized.

    However, with all the reading, you might still find it difficult to get it done properly. Most of the things you read will be theory and advice and this doesn’t really help you to set up your website properly. This is when spending a little money on software might help. Of course, if you can get someone to spend the time to teach you personally, it would be best.

    Tips on how to get started on SEO

    1. Article Writing

    You can either do this yourself or pay someone to do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, you will have to remember to make your article keyword rich or keyword phrase rich. The third option is you can get this software Hypervre to do it for you. This software is especially useful to those who finds difficulty in writing.

    What do you mean by keyword rich?

    Example : If you are selling something to help people lose weight, think of the words that people might type in their search. Words or phrases like :

    how to lose 10 lbs a week
    lose weight without dieting
    diets that help you to lose weight
    losing weight
    lose weight fast
    how to slim down
    slimming diet
    slimming methods
    ways to slimming
    reduce weight

    Use these keywords or keyword phrases to write your articles. Search Engines love articles.

    2. Link Exchanges or Swapping Links

    Participate in link exchanges with other websites but make sure they have some relevance or compliment yours. For example, a site that sells the vitamin Selenium E or exercising equipment would compliment your website about a weight loss program. Try to find sites with a high page rank to swap links with. This way when the googlebot visits that already indexed website, it will find your link and follow it back to your website and index the pages it finds there. This helps your site to get on the highest ranked pages of other sites. It is even faster than submitting to search engines directly. Once you’ve found the complimentary websites, email the owners to ask if they would like to exchange links.

    3. Provide a site map or site navigation

    Providing a site map or site navigation helps your visitor to find what they are looking for easier. If you make it hard for them to find the information they want, they will leave and not come back.

    See Page 2 for the DO NOTS in SEO.

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