Try out these alternative cancer treatments

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Alternative cancer treatments should be sought not to replace conventional methods of cancer treatments but as an additional source to help the fight against cancer. It can help in the form of immune system boosting, preventing cancer from spreading or minimizing the after effects of cancer therapy treatments - as an additional support system.

The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation should not be swept under the carpet as many has suffered physically and emotionally after each treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation destroys the tumor cells as well as normal cells. Alternative cancer treatments aims to cleanse the body, boost the immune system to help it defend and destroy tumor causing agents. They are safer and non-toxic.

Most alternative cancer treatments are in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other special diets. They also believe in detoxification of the body.

Some cancer patients whose hope were dashed by doctors, try alternative cancer treatments and many have recovered fully or lived a lot lot longer than the six months of so their doctors gave them. However, not everyone will respond to alternative cancer therapies. Some die. Therefore, it is advisable to seek a professional doctor for cancer treatment and alternative cancer therapies as an additional booster.

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    Hoxsey's Herbal Tonic / Hoxsey Herbal Treatment
    Review by the NCI of the 'cures' from these treatments failed to reveal any evidence of effectiveness for these patients with cancer." (Spencer) The American Cancer Society strongly urges individuals with cancer not to seek treatment with the Hoxsey Method.

    Herbal Treatments - History and Controversy review by Irene Alleger
    Herbs Against Cancer by Ralph W. Moss, PhD. Here, it talks about the use of herbs in cancer treatment by Harry Hoxsey which proved to be pretty successful but the American Medical Association (AMA) bankrupted him with legal expenses, a strategy still used today against heretics.

    Herbal Cancer Treatments
    Find out more about the different types of herbs like dong guai, echinacea, Asian gingseng and many more other herbs that might help the body against future or existing cancer and how some herbs can help in minimizing the nauseating effect of chemotherapy.


    For those who are in the advanced stage of cancer, you might want to take a look at this alternative cancer treatment method that uses a drug called dichloroacetate (DCA) led by Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at the University of Alberta in Canada. It is supposed to reduce or stop the growth of cancer cells. This drug is an acid and therefore is corrosive to tissue and cells. It can pose a danger if not taken properly.

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  • This is a disclaimer. I will not be held liable for any inaccuracies here or for your failure to check with doctors before you try out any of these tips. All the health tips here are by word of mouth, handed down from generation to generation and from emails I've received. I do not know how accurate they are and whether they will work or not. I am just sharing what others have shared with me. You should always seek professional help from qualified doctors if you are sick.